Thursday, February 26, 2015

BPG Animated test

CAUTION: You need to allow javascript to run from this page to see BPG image formats.
Currently, BPG image formats are only decodeable on web with simple javascript.
I used provided javascript from official website and I did not modify the script in any way.
Official site for BPG image format:
Windows binaries (including javascripts) as well as the source is provided at official site.

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is a new image format that compresses more than JPEG and retains more details than JPEG
compression. Animated BPG is also supported. And this is what I'm testing. Animated BPG.

I did a test compression creating an animated BPG (animated GIF).

Source was a high def trailer for Mad Max Fury Road then trimmed+cropped+resized down to "avatar" dimensions (125x125).
It was processed and saved as a lossless RGB (UT Video Codec: ULRG) AVI file and then each frame exported to PNG (VirtualDub).
The PNG's will encoded sequentially to BPG encoder to create an animated BPG (gif).

The original video was: x264 / 1080p / YV12 / 4:2:0 / 8bit / mkv.
I used avisynth and "Dither_package" to downsize using highest quality settings in 16bit (stacked) processing.
Final output was converted for: ULRG / 125p / RGB / 4:4:4 / 8bit / avi.

The GIF was created by uploading the lossless RGB (ULRG) to gfycat ( and then downloading the GIF.

command line:
bpgenc -o MadMax_q21.bpg -q 21 -f 444 -c rgb -b 8 -m 9 -a E:\Video\MadMax\%3d.png -fps 24

BPG uses HEVC encoder (jctvc x265).
I've not looked for other builds/mods where I can use different HEVC encoders.
I definitely have not tried a different build where I can encode with my own HEVC settings.
Right now, this is all preliminary testing to get used to the concept.

At a later date, I'll look into other builds where different HEVC encoders and custom settings are supported.

BPG version: BPG qp=21: 114 KB or 117,457 bytes

GIF version: GIF (gifycat): 379 KB or 388,532 bytes

If you right-click over the BPG version, (Firefox) and go "View Image" (midde-click to open in new tab)...
You will get a PNG image instead of the BPG image.
BPG is currently only decodable on web with a simple javascript.

Right-click on the GIF version, (Firefox) and go "View Image" (midde-click to open in new tab)...
You will get the GIF and will be able to download as an animated GIF.


Home page for BPG here:

I uploaded the javascript included in the windows_binary package to my own Google Drive.
BPG folder created and all javascript files and bpg created files uploaded and publicly shared to that folder only.

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