Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just the images, Jack. Just the images.

BPG version: BPG qp=21: 114 KB or 117,457 bytes

BPG version: (BPG qp=28: 41.6 KB or 42,622 bytes)

GIF version: GIF (gifycat): 379 KB or 388,532 bytes

BPG Animated test

CAUTION: You need to allow javascript to run from this page to see BPG image formats.
Currently, BPG image formats are only decodeable on web with simple javascript.
I used provided javascript from official website and I did not modify the script in any way.
Official site for BPG image format:
Windows binaries (including javascripts) as well as the source is provided at official site.

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is a new image format that compresses more than JPEG and retains more details than JPEG
compression. Animated BPG is also supported. And this is what I'm testing. Animated BPG.

I did a test compression creating an animated BPG (animated GIF).

Source was a high def trailer for Mad Max Fury Road then trimmed+cropped+resized down to "avatar" dimensions (125x125).
It was processed and saved as a lossless RGB (UT Video Codec: ULRG) AVI file and then each frame exported to PNG (VirtualDub).
The PNG's will encoded sequentially to BPG encoder to create an animated BPG (gif).

The original video was: x264 / 1080p / YV12 / 4:2:0 / 8bit / mkv.
I used avisynth and "Dither_package" to downsize using highest quality settings in 16bit (stacked) processing.
Final output was converted for: ULRG / 125p / RGB / 4:4:4 / 8bit / avi.

The GIF was created by uploading the lossless RGB (ULRG) to gfycat ( and then downloading the GIF.

command line:
bpgenc -o MadMax_q21.bpg -q 21 -f 444 -c rgb -b 8 -m 9 -a E:\Video\MadMax\%3d.png -fps 24

BPG uses HEVC encoder (jctvc x265).
I've not looked for other builds/mods where I can use different HEVC encoders.
I definitely have not tried a different build where I can encode with my own HEVC settings.
Right now, this is all preliminary testing to get used to the concept.

At a later date, I'll look into other builds where different HEVC encoders and custom settings are supported.

BPG version: BPG qp=21: 114 KB or 117,457 bytes

GIF version: GIF (gifycat): 379 KB or 388,532 bytes

If you right-click over the BPG version, (Firefox) and go "View Image" (midde-click to open in new tab)...
You will get a PNG image instead of the BPG image.
BPG is currently only decodable on web with a simple javascript.

Right-click on the GIF version, (Firefox) and go "View Image" (midde-click to open in new tab)...
You will get the GIF and will be able to download as an animated GIF.


Home page for BPG here:

I uploaded the javascript included in the windows_binary package to my own Google Drive.
BPG folder created and all javascript files and bpg created files uploaded and publicly shared to that folder only.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

VLC media player 2.0.4

Everyone's favorite VLC has received an update today, bringing it to 2.0.4.
This release fixes a lot of regressions, issues and security issues in this branch.
It introduces Opus support, improves Youtube, Vimeo streams and Blu-Ray dics support. It also fixes many issues in playback, notably on Ogg and MKV playback and audio device selections and a hundred of other bugs.
Changes between 2.0.3 and 2.0.4:

Read more changes and information on 2.0.4 on the official site for VLC:

I personally don't use this as often as Media Player Classic, but the reviews are good for others who talk abou it.

VLC uses its own internal codec libraries, so you don't have to install any!

Get VLC media player
Download VLC 2.0.4 for your OS here:

Or download from this mirror site (Portable versions available here):